Make better decisions with quick A/B polls

Decidr is a Telegram chatbot, Android+iOS app and webapp tool to create simple, beautiful A/B polls to gather super quick feedback.

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💈✂️I SHAVED MY HEAD FOR THIS ONE! Hi, Product Hunters! 👋 Some people like me find it hard to make decisions. We spend hours and hours trying to decide between little details like our new shoes’ color or which restaurant to go tomorrow night with the SO. And, in the end, we end up spending hours and hours reading internet reviews, just delaying the decision moment. Analysis paralysis. Hey, it’s human: we all have fear of failure. That’s why we start several convos with our closest friends and ask them their opinion about our options, to have the support of the people that know us the best and to know we’re making a valid and socially acceptable decision. The problem is, asking for opinions can get noisy and tedious when asking more than two or three people. That’s why I have created the simplest, easiest, quickest tool I could imagine to help people make better decisions. Introducing Decidr. A or B, it’s that simple. Create polls that are beautiful, cross-platform, shareable and quick to answer – and gather super quick feedback. Decidr is available as a Telegram chatbot (@decidrbot), as an Android and iOS app and through the web app. Best thing is, there’s no need to download any app or set up an account to start using Decidr! And yup, I did shave my head to celebrate Decidr’s launch… so, what do you guys think – long hair or shaved head? 😜 And when you’re finished with that, you might want to vote on the pineapple🍍/ no pineapple🍕 poll...
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Good work on this product. Btw the bot on Telegram is great to create a poll.


Easy & useful for A/B testing



Great job 😊 Will check it out !!
Great idea and brilliant execution 🙌! Congrats on the launch👏!
This is such a great idea! My one feedback from playing with it though would be a feature to see the whole image if it gets cropped weirdly in the vertical format. Otherwise I love the simplicity in the UI! Quick and efficient! I hope to use it in the future for A/B concept testing!
@ryanjaydesign Yeah, that's something I've been wanting to fully implement but still have to come up with an elegant solution that works well everywhere 😅 Thank you for the feedback! :)