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Customer experience analytics for web and mobile sites

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"Decibel Insight is a full suite of behavioral analysis tools for unprecedented insight into your digital audience. Advanced heat maps, visitor replay, form analytics and more combine in a powerful toolkit. Decibel Insight's innovative design packages enterprise software in a simple, easy-to-use interface."
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@decibel_powell @timmyhutton This looks great! Really interesting. I was chatting with someone yesterday who had plenty of visitors to their website, but visitors would look around a bit and then leave. They had no idea what they were doing, where they were looking, or why they were leaving. I guess something like this is a great diagnostic to help with that sort of problem? Also, I wasn't sure if this can be implemented on sites built with site tools like Adobe Muse? If it can, are there any important limitations.
@prattarazzi Hi Eddie - thanks for the kind words. Yes, our tool would be very useful for working out exactly why those visitors are leaving, and what they're looking at before they do so. Decibel Insight can be deployed on any HTML website regardless of the tools used to build it. While every site is different in its deployment, as long as you're able to insert our tracking code (a single snippet of JavaScript) into your source code, manually or via a tag management tool, then you'll be able to collect visitor behavior data in Decibel Insight. Hope that helps!