Perks of your credit card, peace of mind of your debit card

Debx is a free personal finance app that automatically pays off everyday credit card purchases as they happen.

PH'ers only get $15 towards paying off your first bill with Debx. Just download and enroll via

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Ok cool so the Mint gameplan. Like I said great product. This is how I use my credit card already but was impossible to do the daily payment, I love rewards...hate debt.
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Hey PHers! I’m Chad Crutchfield, a Co-Founder here at Debx. With 13% more Americans fearing debt more than death, no wonder we prefer debit cards to credit. We built Debx to combine the best of debit and credit. Users set up smart payment rules that govern daily payments to credit cards and ensure checking accounts won’t overdraft. By automating smart payments of credit transactions as they post, users are able to build credit responsibly, never miss payments, avoid daily interest on charges, and earn more rewards! What makes Debx special? 1) Daily payments are the key! Low utilization throughout the month coupled with diligent payments is the best way to build credit. 2) Combining all your accounts in one place not only saves time​ but gives you the peace of mind you’re not spending money you don’t have. 3) No new account needed. Debx’s technology works with the cards already in your wallet, so no new consolidation loan or bank account. 4) We’re working on aggregating our users’ rewards in one place, so you can see how much you’re earning across your accounts. 5) Completely free to use! No incremental fees for quicker or more frequent payments. We’re super excited to be on Product Hunt today, And can’t wait to get your feedback!
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@chad_crutchfield I love the concept but am curious how you make money to keep the lights on, with it being fully free.
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@bradungar yep great question. In the future,​ we'll keep the lights on by intelligently recommending new financial products that benefit our users within the app. Think credit karma's recommendation tools, but with much richer insights based on users' spending behavior that helps them save money or earn more rewards.
@chad_crutchfield ugh, no android or web platform? 😖
@dailen We're currently working on scoping effort. Small team right now, so, unfortunately, one at a time. Happy to keep you in the loop as soon as we're ready for Android testers!

Manage all of your credit cards in a central location, automate all payments or trigger individual payments directly from the app


Easy personal finance mgmt, automate and track your spending and payments for all your credit cards from one easy to use app


currently you can only link 1 checking account

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Congrats on the launch! What was the origin started that got the product + company started?
Thanks Charley for reaching out. I started Debx out of my own love-hate relationship with my debit and credit card. I loved my debit card because payments were paid daily directly from my checking account but I was always bummed about note earning any rewards, consumer protections and building credit. On the flip side, I love my credit cards, primarily for their rewards, but always hated the large monthly bill plus high interest charges and fees.