Debut Inbox

Read and discover newsletters in a new dynamic inbox

Debut Inbox is a new hub for newsletters, similar to the many apps that exist for finding and listening to podcasts. Discover your favorite newsletters, subscribe with one click and enjoy guaranteed delivery. From dynamic updates and previews to native video, the possibilities for newsletters are no longer limited.

  • Dana Gibber
    Dana GibberCo-Founder, Headliner Labs

    Debut is integral to my day -- incredibly effective way to get updated news from my favorite sources and discover new ones. Love this app!



    Been using this app for a while and it's my go-to for news. I cleared out my email inbox of all my newsletters and instead funnel them through Debut, where newsletters can be updated and organized and accessed in one place. Interface is great. Plus, the content discovery mechanism was done really well, got me hooked on new content like Axios Pro Rata

    Dana Gibber has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Discovering great newsletters I wouldn't have found otherwise, smart intuitive interface and makes reading newsletters much more enjoyable.


    Can't find any so far.

    For newsletter lovers, this is instantly a must-have. If you're not yet a newsletter lover, this app will turn you into one. Been hoping something like this would come out, and Debut killed it! Great idea, even better execution. Hands-down best way to start your day.

    Sam Ginsberg has used this product for one day.
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Max Neuberger
Max NeubergerMaker@mneuberger · Founder, Debut Inbox | Circuit Corp
Thank you @benln for the Hunt! We're thrilled to debut the new Debut Inbox for newsletters on PH! After producing a daily newsletter for several years and hearing from readers whenever our newsletter didn’t appear in their inbox (thank you promo folders and filters!) or just didn’t show up in time for when they wanted it (morning commute, coffee break), we decided to team up with other publishers to create a new clean and dedicated inbox where readers could easily access their favorite newsletters -- on demand and in-sync with the news cycle. A few quick pointers: • Check out our Discover marketplace where you can find hundreds of awesome newsletters sorted by topics and industries • Upon sign up, your unique username automatically converts into a new address. Use that address in our Discover marketplace to sign up for newsletters from publishers that have not partnered with us yet. • For newsletters from our partners, you can easily subscribe with one click and immediately view both current and prior issues of their newsletter. • You can turn on or off notifications for individual newsletters • Bookmark or remove newsletters from the Inbox simply by swiping right or left • Unlike traditional email, Debut Inbox users are not diverted out of the newsletter when they want to read longer articles or watch videos. Best of all, Debut saves your place when you return. Launch partners include CNN, Vanity Fair, Bloomberg L.P., The Wrap, Morning Consult, Morning Brew, Great Big Story, Sports Internet, The Intercept, Cipher Brief, The Bit Daily, WhoWhatWear, City&State, California Sun, Jewish Insider, Hashtag Sports and more. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, questions and feedback!
Aaron Jacob Applbaum
Aaron Jacob Applbaum@aapplbaum · Investor
Fantastic, the most relevant news delivered in the most intuitive way!
Max Neuberger
Max NeubergerMaker@mneuberger · Founder, Debut Inbox | Circuit Corp
@aapplbaum thank you Aaron! 👊👊
Dana Gibber
Dana Gibber@dana_gibber · Co-Founder, Headliner Labs
This is my favorite new app -- been using it for a while, the best product out there for consuming newsletter content and discovering new content. I now only sign up for newsletters with my Debut email address and access this content regularly throughout the day inside the app.
Igityan Hayarpy
Igityan Hayarpy@igityan_hayarpy · Would you like to know my headline?
I really liked your amazing product.
Max Neuberger
Max NeubergerMaker@mneuberger · Founder, Debut Inbox | Circuit Corp
@igityan_hayarpy thank you so much for the kind feedback! 🙏
Andrew Schoen
Andrew Schoen@andrewaschoen
Debut Inbox is incredibly streamlined and efficient. Saves me tons of time quickly consuming relevant and up to date content
Max Neuberger
Max NeubergerMaker@mneuberger · Founder, Debut Inbox | Circuit Corp
@andrewaschoen awesome to hear!! 🙌