Welcome to a new era of social networking.

Welcome to a new era of social networking. Freely share information amongst friends and family without compromise. Only YOU as the user have access to your data. Powered by Blockstack, you retain ownership of your identity and data. The goal is to give control to the user, not the application.

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Aaron O'Leary
Community @producthunt. Chef.
Especially useful for people just getting into the blockstack community, it can be quite daunting, this app can help you get started with networking in blockstack
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Alexander Lee
Software Engineer based in NY
Hey! Creator of debut here. Wanted to say thank you for dropping by and checking out debut! Debut was created as a weekend project to learn about blockstack development. It slowly evolved from a fun side project to an app trying to solve a big problem in the blockstack community. Currently, as of 2/25/19 there are 12,840 existing usernames in the blockstack ecosystem. Although a large number, it is very to locate and discover your peers within the blockstack community. debut is trying to solve this problem by allowing users to sign up and create unique profiles for themselves. With each profile you can follow other users, add a small bio about yourself, and share moments through status text and images! What stands out in debut vs. other social networking platforms is that debut does not have any control over your data. Although certain information is public like sharing your moments and bio, there is nothing from the application side that can "take" your data. I plan on building a lot more features but as of right now this is the initial version 2 of debut! If you're interested in learning more check out the forums in the blockstack community or take a look at the roadmap! Forum: Roadmap:
Brad 🎙️🌩️
Too bad this app did not take off or continue to improve. Yesterday Twitter was hacked in a big way. We could use a better Twitter!