Work for companies that pay your student loans

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DebtBennies is a curated directory of companies that provide student loan repayment benefits.
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Dexter Ferguson
Dexter FergusonMaker@dexterferguson
With the average monthly student loan payment at $393, companies are starting to recognize that the impact this has on quality of life also carries over to the workplace. To combat this, many employers are opening their benefits packages to include student loan repayment. By offering this many have noticed improvements in employee morale, productivity, and retention. DebtBennies is designed to daylight these companies and the advantages gained by offering these benefits – and ultimately challenge more companies to follow suit. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
Liz Oluwatope
Liz Oluwatope@liz_etefia
Very cool idea ! Student Loan repayment would definitely be a game changer for me especially in this competitive technology market.
Phil Shobo
Phil Shobo@phil_shobo
This is a golden idea and looking forward to it growing!
Great idea. Especially for new college graduates who haven't even thought about starting to pay back student loans. Their 1st job could actually help them out with their student loans.
Dexter Ferguson
Dexter FergusonMaker@dexterferguson
@dlk3r Exactly! I wish I knew about companies like these when I graduated.
T. Rock
T. Rock@ms_trock
I really like this idea for a MVP! This can be resourced at ad tool especially for those looking for their first job out of college. Also, it’s interesting to find out that these benefits are not only available from larger companies which make it very appealing when trying to navigate a change in corporate structure and narrow down your search.