See the network traffic of all your devices. In 3 clicks.

Hello product hunters! We're a small team based in Geneva, Switzerland, experts in network analysis and we think network can be a lot easier. Debookee is an OS X app which show your network traffic in only 1 click, displayed in a vulgarized way: no bits & bytes, only interesting informations like HTTP URL or HTTP headers, various connections of your Mac. What about mobiles? iPhone, Android, iPad? Your TV has a network connection too. Even your fridge! Well, in a simple click, Debookee can intercept the traffic of any device present on the same network, and display it. Does this unknown iOS application use secured HTTPS connections? Discover your phone with Debookee, set it as a target and ... look for HTTPS in the URL! Welcome to simple network traffic analysis. Enjoy Debookee, Thomas
I absolutely love this product. I have used this to examine network traffic and solve problems. I've used other tools like wireshark, etc, but debokee has a nice mac aesthetic and the workflow is pretty straightforward. Need to poke around a network? Need to understand a protocol better at a lower level ? Need to find a mac address to spoof? get this tool....