Debonair Scent

Monthly cologne discovery service

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Hello Product Hunt Community! So Awesome to see us featured on Product Hunt and would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and feedback on what we are building. Debonair Scent was started out of a passion for discovering new and unique scents. Most men (including myself) stick to the same scent year over year (probably receiving it as a gift) and will only change cologne brands if we smell something new we like (or our significant other says they like it) It’s more than just smelling great, it’s about discovering your perfect scent. We want to make that discovery process easier for you while helping brands introduce new scents. With a Debonair Scent subscription... every month you will receive three 3ML bottles of 100% authentic brand name cologne, hand-picked specifically for you. That’s more than enough cologne for the entire month. Members will also receive a $15 shop offer in every box to use towards a full bottle of cologne from our shop if they find something they love. For your support, we are offering a free month for the Product Hunt community. Just use the coupon code “producthunt” during checkout before the end of the month. Know anyone that may like what we are building? Please share with them. Thanks for the support. You all rock. Joey
@joeypomerenke Couldn't be more right about sticking to that same scent, given as a gift. Cool to see this come together Joey.
This is a good business but I would be worried about the quality of the cologne. There is a big difference between Ralph Lauren from Macy's and Ralph Lauren from a discount stores. In every factory you have a beginning, middle, and end to the line. Big brands sell the best stuff which is the "middle" to the stores like Macy's and other high end stores. The beginning and end, are of lesser quality. Those are sold to the discount stores and outlet stores. All of the same Ralph Lauren name, but the quality is massively different. 😀🤑
@dredurr Absolutely right. With that said, we stick behind the quality of our cologne and only buy direct from brands, so you are getting the same quality you would at Macy's.
interesting way to try out aftershave... I usually just wait until Christmas/Birthday to get my 6 month supply and it's mostly the same. Seems changing can be risky haha. FYI date on the footer of the site says 2015 🙊
@bentossell Footer date changed. Good catch :)
@bentossell We agree, changing can be risky. Especially if you are just buying a full bottle and did not get a chance to test drive it. Thats why we launched Debonair Scent, so you can have a low risk way to test drive and find new scents that are perfect for you. You really need to wear cologne for more than a few days to see how it mixes with your body chemistry. Our 3ML bottles give you at a least a week worth of sprays, which is a perfect "test drive"
@bfeld Thanks for hunting us!
I like the idea, but the brand names on offer do not encourage me to sign up. All of these looks like fragrances I would be familiar with or see on the high street. I would want to be sent niche fragrances from smaller houses to truly discover new scents.
@ausonio Thanks. That's the plan and thanks for the feedback. We may need to do a better job of focusing on niche brands in our marketing materials :) We do plan on offering a mix of designer and niche brands -- from our experience there are so many great scents from designer brands also that you probably would not discover otherwise.