Debby App

Personal money tracker

Just tell Debby your balance and next payment date – she will calculate your daily budget and will help you to save money! She can also freeze a certain amount of your budget and save it until later to pay your rent, bills, or other mandatory payments
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I've been using this system of saving money for a while and finally decided to build the app! After a month of personal usage and great feedback from friends, I'm releasing the app to the wild! Good luck, Debby!
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@lesnitsky I love this! I actually built something similar that I just used for myself in order to replace a spreadsheet, and I was able to reach my goal of saving up for a new house! A few questions - Does this store the financial data on a server, or locally on my mobile? - Is the stored financial data encrypted? - Does this app allow me to categorise my finances? (e.g. Entertainment, Beer 🍻, Work expenses) - Does this app allow me to see spending over time, which months I spent the most, my average spending etc - kind of in depth analytics? - Does this app automatically subtract my automated monthly outgoings on the day I am paid so I don't have to manually enter them myself every month? Beautiful looking app, by the way.
@jarkerwastaken Hi Josh - all data is stored locally - no encryption (since data is stored locally, and we have all fancy biometrical auth stuff on our devices) - it doesn't support categories (I used Money Lover before and didn't find categories useful) - it doesn't show any historical data, but since it stores every transaction, this feature could be easily added in future releases(I'm planning to work on desktop version of this app) - you will see a red dot asking you whether you paid rent/bills/other category and after that, whether you want to reschedule the payment (and yes, those payments aren't affecting your daily limit) Thanks, I paid a lot of attention to the design side of things!
I want to try. I think it will be a very useful thing. Thanks!
@jonah_rogers Let me know how it goes!
Seems solid! Do you plan to have a sharing option with friends?
@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 what kind of sharing do you mean?
@lesnitsky I'm looking for an app to share with my girlfriend. We travel together a lot so we often have a shared account. With this we can keep track of all the expenses together.
@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Oh interesting! I'll think about budget sharing in future versions
@lesnitsky @nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 I currently use splitwise with my girlfriend and travel with friends
@lesnitsky @michele_patrassi Nice app, but its analytics feature is so poor...
Oh my god finally! I've been waiting since 2018 for a good-looking budget tracker for android, until now, all the good-looking apps are on IOS I've only been able to find 2 apps on the entire Google Play Store that fit my criteria
@lynxlead1 Thanks! I really tried to make it _good looking_ 😉