Chatroulette for election debates. Be #1 in the leaderboard

Hi everyone, With team we believe that voice communication is the best way to have a meaningful conversation. That’s why we’ve created for everyone who wants to discuss the election, share their voice and support Hillary or Donald. It’s simple and works like Chatroulette, but on the phone. Test it, check the leaderboard and I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!
Hopefully you don't get paired with your parents. AMIRIGHT???
@rrhoover only if you're lucky enough :)
Interesting idea! :) like that you've specified the topic upfront without having to choose anything. Kinda like very-narrow-Wakie. Have you heard of these guys?
@mikael_yang Thanks, Mikael! Haha, true, I've never tried Wakie myself but observed other people using it. :D Looks like lots of fun!
That's interesting! The election related topics are pretty hot now :D And what should you do to get to the leaderboard?
@ksenia_horoshaya That's true! Users can vote for people who took part in the debates, and the most upvoted debates get to the leaderboard :) Feel free to vote for the ones you liked most!