Don't die with secrets that need to be free

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amazing idea. but they need to change their name asap. also, some social proof on their landing page wouldnt hurt.
@benhoffman_ The homepage just looks like some copy-pasted bootstrap theme. Even the title tag has not been changed. I think the homepage needs a major overhaul to make it clearer what the product is about.
@benhoffman_ Nice to see DeathSwitch on Product Hunt. This is a site redesign, not a new service. I used DeathSwitch for five years (the free tier) and it was totally reliable. Highly recommend, especially to single people with pets. EDIT: Ghostmemo is an alternative:
Similar to: People are commenting on the name. I think I like the inclusion of the word "death" as it keeps the focus on one's mortality. It's not a thing that we wanna think about, but we should more often. Cool prodcut
My suggestion would be not to use words like "death" or "die". Otherwise it would scare people.
I feel like if I were to use it the most likely scenario would be to miss a couple of checkup points that get lost in the chaos of every day emails and apps and have the information released as I'm still happily walking around.
Slight overlap with Google's Inactive Account Manager -