Death & Taxes

First algorithmic, completely free tax app

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Great product!
@annonymous Thank you! The team really appreciates the comments- it is our secret sauce that is fueling Death & Taxes, the love we get from our early users!
@yozapli When will the app be available for public ?
@annonymous We will have it open to everything for 2016 Tax Season.
State and federal or just federal?
@pmlonglamoureux Everything. State, Federal, LLCs, S Corps, the whole thing. Like that song "Anything she can do, I can do better" but replace she with TurboTax/TaxAct/HRBlock
@pmlonglamoureux What's your criteria for beta testers? With two small (but not super complex) businesses and office/home sublets, I imagine my data could help your algorithms stretch their legs and root out some edge cases.
@bitcomfort @pmlonglamoureux Would love to get you on the beta test once we open it up past our first circle. We will DM you on Twitter to get your info once we do- thank you for the offer!
Can you expand on how you are using algorithms to help file taxes? I wasn't able to gain much information from your landing page. Maybe i'm just being skeptical, but i'm having a hard time believing that you built a product that can do "everything" better for just $32K.
@plingampally Hello Pari, excellent question. A few answers, not in any particular order: Doing taxes for 80%+ of American tax fliers is fairly simple. It is not an archaic art but rather a fairly straightforward process of asking the correct questions (algorithm to determine your questions based on profile etc). We make the process simpler and in our opinion, far superior to the other offerings out there. How we did it for so cheap- my team put a lot of entrepreneurial GRIT, long hours, and scrappiness into building this. We had a retired senior accountant help us with IRS compliance for free (and the satisfaction of 'sticking it to the man'). Finally, we have a full year until next tax season when we launch this bad boy. This year we will be testing, deconstructing, and just generally poking at it to make it better and better.
@yozapli "Doing taxes for 80%+ of American tax fliers is fairly simple" I've seen similar statistics before, and it usually refers to the percent of Americans that take the standardized deduction vs the itemized deduction. What you will find out eventually is that creating an effective tax product for the remaining 20% is extremely hard. Not only is that subset of users' taxes more complicated, they are more vested in the accuracy of the return. An error for that group can result in fluctuations in the order of thousands of dollars.
@plingampally 100% on. That is why we are taking this very, very seriously and are working on making sure our product is delivering optimal results (think Pepsi Challenge but for tax apps)
Great idea, what level of customer support are you planning to offer?
@fahim_k Right now, a lot- we want to hold the hand of every alpha user to make sure we do not screw up. Once we scale- very, very little. This is DIY tax filing- not a guided CPA experience.
Cool product!
@gennady_barsky Thank you! We really appreciate the comment. We are building this for guys like you Gennady!