Email reminders made easy for everyone ๐Ÿ’Œ is all about setting email reminders. Send an email like and DearEle will remind you with an email after 4 hours.

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Simple but powerful tool. The more I can work just in email the better.
@euros Thank you. Now-a-days we have separate app for every small task. I think for simple tasks like reminders its better to use existing tech(email) than have separate app. I will add more features like group (reminders for everyone in CC, etc).
@prakis Really creative. Definitely gonna use this. No more searching in my "Sent Items" for emails that fell between the cracks for me!
Thank you @alon_keren I am working on more features (group cc, etc), please let me know if you like to have specific feature.
@alon_keren @prakis +1H@ +2H@ etc. and +1D@ +2D@ etc. W+Y now that would be very useful
@prakis @euros Well I think he already had that nailed don't you? If I can write Xhours/Xdays, it's pretty much the same as +XH/XD, no?
@alon_keren Thanks @euros I will look into that. Can you please explain me W+Y ? Thanks again.
@euros @alon_keren Right now it supports Xhours and Xdays. But not XH and XD, I can look into that.
Hi, I made a simple email reminder app. Send an email like and receive an email reminder after 8 hours. No need for separate reminder apps, no need to open calendar and set reminders. You can also send mails in the following format. Feel free to use it and let me know your opinions and suggestions. Thank you Kishore
I'm unclear as to why I'd use this instead of Their free tier allows unlimited reminders, this only 25. Theirs offers recurring reminders, and I don't see that as an option here. What did existing services lack such that you made this instead?
@cornandchicken I recently learned about Followupthen. Followupthen free tier is 50 per month. I increased DearEle free tier to 100. I am working on fixing recurring reminder issues.
@prakis You created DearEle before researching if there were other similar products? Still, making the free tier of yours higher is a good start, and makes this worth watching.
Great job !! ๐Ÿ˜Š
@ayush_chandra Thank you Ayush