Dear Tech People

Race and gender diversity ranking of 100 top tech companies

Most of us agree that tech could be a little more diverse. After talking to 50 HR leaders and hundreds of employees, we found diversity data to be incredibly sparse. We analyzed thousands of profiles and now have the data to hold companies accountable. We hope our data empowers advocates to push for change.

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Derek Jobst
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  • Derek Jobst
    Derek JobstUPenn '17, Engineer @ RaiseMe

    Meticulous analysis of leading tech companies' diversity


    I wish we had more companies

    It's exciting to see a data driven, public baseline for workforce and leadership diversity among many of the most prominent members of the tech industry. I hope this serves as a helpful tool for advocates of D&I initiatives in all of these companies.

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Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
Hey @adinathoughts @dhruvm I really love the look of this project, the progress on tech's diversity and inclusion problem has been far too slow for my liking, could you please tell us more about how you conduct the research and how you help the companies included in the data? Thanks
Adina Luo
Adina LuoMaker@adinathoughts · Pretending.
@dhruvm @abadesi Thanks! We pulled the data from public profiles like LinkedIn, and then used a combination of name analyzers, facial recognition tech, and manual evaluation on mechanical turk to figure out race and gender. When designing Dear Tech People, we talked to companies and found this kind of data transparency helpful for benchmarking progress--both against themselves and their peers. Diversity advocates within companies told us this data was helpful for making the case for specific internal initiatives. We hope to support these efforts any way we can, and we talk about some paths forward here:
Reggie James
Reggie James@reggie_startups · Founder @ Eternal
This is really fantastic work!!! Great job 😄
Karine Hsu
Karine Hsu@karine_hsu · pinpeg
Love the analysis! This is awesome!
наталья д
наталья д@ndarbasova · Medical student
Wow! Great idea 😊
Sromana Mukhopadhyay
Sromana Mukhopadhyay@sromana14 · Co-founder, ShufflUp
Kudos! You guys have accompshed a very difficult task. Would really like to know what are your future plans with this product?
Dhruv Maheshwari
Dhruv MaheshwariMaker@dhruvm
@sromana14 Thanks so much! We're planning on partnering with companies to have them start sharing their verified metrics as well as more qualitative details about their workplaces! Hopefully this will serve both jobseekers and companies looking to get ideas on how to improve.