The 'Bundle-Only' marketplace for creatives

Dealotto is a creative marketplace where every item you see is a bundle. No individual products allowed, just fantastic collections of high quality goods all in one easy package, posted by the creators themselves. We want to make discovering bundles fun again, while offering great value for money on some of the best resources around.

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Great to see Dealotto come back! 🙌(I was an early user myself) I'm curious, what are your plans for distinguishing this platform from Creative Market and the like?
@devinrajaram Great to hear you were an early user back in the day, thanks for the question Devin! Basically I want to make Dealotto the destination for bundles, and bulk-buying resources without anything else getting in the way. Essentially making it the easiest place to pick up lots of assets at once safe in the knowledge that the quality is always there. Beyond that, I want to work on ways to make it easier for sellers to monetise their hard work (subscriptions etc) while keeping it fun for buyers too.
@liammckay Awesome! Looking forward to the future of Dealotto! 🎉🙌
@liammckay the design of this site looks so well put together, which is a given with your involvement. I remember being an early adopter of Dealotto many years ago and it was great. I have some questions: ⏰ How long does it take for submissions by sellers to be approved? 📢 What type of promotions do you offer for sellers, are you relying mostly on organic traffic at this stage? 🖼 Do you monitor the artwork that goes up, the listings look very slick now.
@marcperel Thanks for the kind words, I certainly had fun on the re-design and it's great to give new life to something that's been around for 6 years or more! To answer some of your questions: ⏰ Instead of submitting items, we hand-pick the creators that we work with and then give them full control of their store, their bundles and their prices. The effort goes in to finding the right people, rather than nit-picking each and every item that comes through. My focus is on adding new sellers only when they are a good fit, rather than racing to sign up as many new shops as we can. New sellers can apply too though & that approval process shouldn't take any more than 24 hours. 📢 As for promotion, we have an active subscriber list of around 25k+ people that we can utilise to get the right products in front of the right people. Alongside this we also have our larger monthly bundle promotions, giveaways and freebies which should help grow the audience for the marketplace too. 🖼 The awesome artwork for each listing comes down to picking the right sellers and trusting that they are the best people to showcase their products. I've worked in this space for many years and I try to use everything I've learnt over the years when deciding who to work with. I'm personally on hand to help seller make any tweaks or improvements to their listings if needed too. We can remove any items that don't quite fit, but I don't foresee that bring a problem so long as I keep reaching out to the right sellers. Cheers for checking the new direction & thanks for the thoughtful questions Marc!
Good to see its coming back dude, been a long time coming
@darylthetwit It sure has! Feels great to finally get it out there. Really lovely to hear support from long time fans too! Thanks Daryl

Super cool graphic resources and fonts.


Super cool graphic resources


No cons

Congrats on the refresh Liam, looking great!