Dealflow by Micro Acquisitions

Automate your small business acquisition pipeline

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 17, 2019
this tool is inspired by a course we launched on how to buy and grow small companies.
when students shared their biggest bottleneck is lack of high quality dealflow, we knew this product needed to exist.
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hi everyone, first off -- mad props to my partner Mike Rubini for actually *building* this product. i'm the marketing co-founder. if you're an entrepreneur who has more success growing something that already exists vs building from scratch, building a portfolio of micro acquisitions may be the path for you. we initially built this tool for alumni of our micro acquisitions course, but it's now open to any investor. there's no CC required to sign up, and you can run basic searches for free or subscribe to curated dealflow for a few bucks a month. looking forward to your feedback! Ryan & Mike
Great information for anyone who wants to grow with small acquisitions rather than a big marketing plan and hope.
Nice tool to find and filter through deals in one place from multiple sources. Defs saves time. Well done!
Loving this. Simple but powerful, improves on the standard search filters and aggregates all the sites to check (flippa, FE, 1K side projects etc) so saves a ton of time.
Timely launch. I was speaking with a friend last night about "micro PE investing". I'm very curious to hear how others have approached this. Tiny Capital led by @awilkinson is doing some interesting things in this space, having acquired Dribbble, Designer News, We Work Remotely, and other design/startup-focused properties.
@awilkinson @rrhoover thanks for checking it out, Ryan :)