A simple app, that converts text into sign language. You can then share them with anyone, by downloading an image of your translation
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Who is this actually for? Sign language (most countries have a different one) users don't speak the same way as us non-sign language speakers do. They have their own grammar and ways of expressing themselves. So a little unclear who the output of the site is useful for?
@samrye_enspiral . It is a good question. Who is it for? I was thinking about a new way we can be introduced to the deaf alphabet. It has the American sign language (only the letters). I know that in sign language there are complex movements that mean a whole word, a full meaning, but this gives you the symbol for each letter for now... I believe is a small step towards learning a new language in the end.
Usefull idea
@duygumsu1 Thank you!
Great product! My brother is deaf and he loves it. May I suggest you make the product for a whole page. And allow the user(my brother) be able to cut ad paste articles from the web that can be translated so he can enter and read whole pages.
@friendcentive_com Thanks and I am glad that your brother appreciate this work. It means a lot for me coming from a person like him. Does he think translating full documents will make him read faster in sign language alphabet ?
very interesting idea. I love this concept.
Great idea and tool!!! BRAVO!!!!