A calendar app for students and freelancers

Deadlines is a calendar app with a focus on long-running tasks and events such as assignments, development milestones, hackathons and game jams. These kinds of events and tasks can easily become cluttered or hard to read in more traditional calendar layouts.
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First, and most importantly, you have to improve your intro UX - I can't get to first base in order to find anything out about your app, and it looks interesting in the screenshot. Please make it easy for people to learn quickly about something I'm sure you put a lot of work into.
@gregw Hey, thanks for the reply! What do you mean you can't get to first base? The landing page is pretty minimal, are you suggesting I put more information on the main page? Or do you mean the app itself is hard to learn?
Hey everyone! This is my first web app. I'd really love to get some feedback for it! Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas on how to improve it. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!
@thefryscorer any chance it’ll be available on mobile?
@aafable No plans to make a native app (yet), but the app works in mobile browsers.
Great product, It's frustrating to can't drag&drop to change deadline. It was one of my first action on the product. Other than that, it's a simple and useful tool :)
@b_tallandier Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into making that change. It was something I planned to add, then I wondered if it would actually see use. I was also not sure how it should work, whether the whole task should move, or just the beginning/end of the task separately.
@b_tallandier @thefryscorer If you'd ask me, it would be useful if you could move the beginning/end separately... :) Thanks for this cool "roadmap" app @thefryscorer!
@b_tallandier @skankinpenguin I think it would be a cool feature too, I'll put it on my roadmap! Thanks! :)
@b_tallandier @skankinpenguin I've made a version with draggable deadlines as suggested. The way it works is that if you drag the beginning of the task, just the beginning will change. If you drag the end, only the end will change. If you drag from the middle, the entire task will move. It's still an early feature, but you can preview it here: Thanks for the feedback!
@thefryscorer Looks cool, thank you! :)
The first thing is the color palette and the logo seems REALLY similar to Monday which is another time management/team management system. I'll still check it out, but it's more like a heads up
@naruelle Thanks for the heads up! I designed the logo and picked the colors out myself, and I've not heard of Monday, so I've not purposely or indirectly copied them. However after a quick look, whilst the color pallette is similar, the logo looks very different.