Reminders app with a progress bar

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A reminders app with a manual progress bar. I made this as part of a university project and used it this semester to keep track of my submissions. I now use it for other tasks in my day-to-day life. It makes me less stressed seeing that I've made progress on my tasks rather than seeing a long list of tasks that are undone.

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Shun  Kashiwa
Shun Kashiwa@shun_kashiwa1 · An undergraduate student.
This is pretty good. What I've been looking for. It would be nicer if you have web/Mac version👍
MarawanMaker@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
@shun_kashiwa1 thanks! I'll look into doing that with Firebase integration for cloud sync :)
MarawanMaker@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
Hi Product Hunt, This is a little side project I made for university. I'm not a fan of the binary yes/no in task managers so I made an app that shows me the progress I've done for my deadlines and tasks. Any feedback is appreciated! I'll be adding a widget and hopefully Apple Watch support soon.
Myles Jarvis
Myles Jarvis@mylesrjarvis
Looks great - I'm downloading now. Quick comment: Your description on the App Store has a typo, which currently says "deadlins".
MarawanMaker@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
@mylesrjarvis thanks :) and yeah I noticed that after submitting 🙈 thanks for pointing it out though
Dre Durr💡
Dre Durr💡@dredurr · Growth is the only thing that matters
HOLY $#!+ I’ve been annoyed by so many progress bars lately. But this actually works. Dope 🚬
MarawanMaker@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
@dredurr yo I appreciate this! :)