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Is this only working with Google Chrome? Any plans on supporting other browsers?
@tschlander We support Firefox as well
@m_lakkadshaw And what about Safari? Not going to use Chrome nor Firefox.
@tschlander Plus the attendees can be on any browser safari, IE, Opera even Mobile browsers will do. Only presenter needs to be on Chrome or Firefox
@m_lakkadshaw I got that! Are you going to support Safari for presenters? That was my question.
@tschlander Unfortunately that is not possible, but we hope to support it as soon as it is technologically possible
Side question: Why is the Privacy Policy page formatted to be virtually unreadable? A lot of users would check it since you're an intermediary to their screen share.
@dotmanish We are a start up, sorry we didn't get around to tidy it up. But rest assured we are not an intermediary to your screen share. All data that goes through our servers is 256 bit ssl encrypted.
Can you share a screen with both audio and video, such as YouTube videos? If so, are there any limits? I.e., no Netflix, no Amazon Prime? I'm looking for a replacement for rabb.it, which I used for a virtual movie night with friends. Thanks!