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Like discovering the leading cause of muppet deaths, Popily lets everyday, non-technical, people figure out what's important in their data, find cool charts and share them with anyone, anywhere. We instantly (seriously, like without you doing anything at all) create tons of live, interactive, visualizations from your data. You pick the best and get all the credit! Ch ch ch check it: popily.com
Ah yes, the story of the muppet death shirt is a good one. So at some point we realized we needed swag of some kind for Popily. But all the "big data data viz" we saw were freaking dull. At one point I got frustrated looking for ideas and spouted "Fuck it, if we want a shirt it should be about muppet deaths or something"... and thus Popily's first official company shirt is a data visualization about the causes of muppet deaths.