Dead Man's Snitch

Monitor Cron Jobs and Windows Scheduled Tasks with ease.

Know when and why your cron jobs fail with our easy to setup yet powerful monitoring tools. Quickly access the job's logs to get problems solved faster. Fits into your existing workflows with Slack, PagerDuty, and VictorOps integrations.

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Thanks everyone! Last week we launched the ability to check-in your snitches via email (like the server success example). This is the result of more and more requests to trigger an alert when an email hasn’t sent when it should have. We’re excited to see all of the different use-cases (setup instructions are at Questions and feedback welcome! Also, use promo code PRODHUNT this week for one month free when you sign up to any paid plan.
This is awesome. You can set cron jobs, daily backups, etc. to ping this service every time they successfully run. Then, you tell Dead Man's Snitch how often to expect a ping. If they ever don't receive one, they alert you. I always have the problem where if *I* get "successfully completed" emails, they just pile up over time and I ignore them... and then I don't notice when one day, I don't get one. This is a good way to check up on my many scheduled tasks.
I've used this for the past few months to monitor the cron job that backs up our database. Having a 3rd party verify that tasks complete is really important. If you're monitoring your own tasks, then the bug or network event that stops your task from running might also stop your alert from sending.
Love DMS! Great way to be notified if your crons don't run.
Upvoting this for two reasons: 1) it's useful, 2) the name is inspired. I've used for site upness for a few years and love it.