Dead Last: No Escape

A non-stop, old school, zombie killing extravaganza!

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This is for those who love retro style gaming and zombies. Definitely worth checking out, and it's free.
@sweetjohn You've sold me. What are your favorite parts of the game?
@jakecrump My favorite part of the game is when the UFO appears because you can a massive power up that can help you clear the level which is a little bit of a nice break from the nonstop action. It's great to see a game have a "physical" aspect to it. The tapping can really build up a sweat if you can believe that. When the zombies close in and the screaming aliens come at you fast you really need to have lightning fast reflexes to survive.
@jakecrump What is your favorite part of the game?
@qmanning is the CEO of Rocksauce Studios and can answer any questions about Dead Last.
@thecodebender is the lead developer and came up with the concept for Dead Last.
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