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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 17, 2017

Dead Domains is a place where you can discover and add your own domains that were once bought for the next *cool* idea and still wait for their time to become a real project. Let's help them come to life to make internet a better place.

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Hello Product Hunt! My name is Dima. Big chances you’ve never seen me before. On August 16 I asked @marckohlbrugge ( about top five domains he managed to buy (and never used). A few people replied to this tweet saying that they also have domain names for next *cool* ideas that never been released since then. I have never shipped anything in my life. Moreover, the only thing that I knew was a JS syntax and a basic understanding of how to start a server using Node.js. But I believed in myself and took a challenge to build a website where people could add their unused domain names. There they will either sell a domain to a maker that wants to make something out of it or get a motivation to build a project by seeing how many people actually want it to be shipped. 8 hours and 142 questions later I launched an MVP and tweeted about it. In a few days I had 4000 unique visitors, 250 suggested domains and around 100 tweets about my project. It was a great success for a person who actually started this project as a challenge to learn how to code. Today, one month later, I am happy to show you a new version of Dead Domains, now with Twitter Auth, Upvotes, updated interface and a thousand lines of code that I wrote during past month. I don’t like cybersquatters. All suggested domains are being manually reviewed (I even built a Telegram bot to notify me when a new entry is submitted) so a domain which doesn’t explain itself or has no idea behind will never be accepted. What a training camp that was! Stay tuned, I am now absolutely in love with launching projects! Happy to have a conversation about my project and my story with all of you Dima
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@marckohlbrugge @dimaishere that's awesome! Building is definitely the best way to learn 👍
@marckohlbrugge @kevinbryantlou I still can't understand why I started only one month ago. Starting first real project is a real life-changing experience.
@marckohlbrugge @dimaishere Hi there - it seems like you've created a domain marketplace and branded it as a story website. While the stories would be interesting, many domains either have no description or just list "for sale" as their description.
@macconnollyco agree, I planned to keep around 200-230 domains in the list, so that there was enough variety and each domain had attention. Now with more domains added I will remove all with no description or feel "for sale". Thank you for the feedback!
@dimaishere Love the idea and project! Many of the domains I browsed through became a lot more interesting/relevant to me given the context, so I appreciated having those there. Great that you're already planning on doing something about the ones without description, since not all of the domain names are self explanatory. Are you planning on adding ways further categorize the domains somehow? (like tech, design, products etc)

I followed this idea almost from the beginning I saw how the project progressed from a simple site with almost no functionality to a full-fledged website. Very good idea of ​​the author. Good luck with other projects.


I like the main idea of ​​the site that you can tell your long-awaited idea to tell others and suggest that someone else would develop it.


Perhaps you need to add the ability to comment on your ideas about domains

I have so many of these and I’d love to find good owners. Great idea
@itsthisjustin Thank you!
Great Design Love the concept Dope🚬
@dredurr Thank you man, much appreciated!

It's an interesting project, wish you good luck!


- It's simple,

- Understandable

- Easy to use

- I love these PornHub colors :D


- I don't like that there is only Twitter authorization

- I can't see the whole list of domains (maybe I didn't find it?)