Dead Cat

A quantum physics card game

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Wut diss about? Schrodingus or some such? @lssndrgn @ela_raciti
Yes, the game is about Schrodinger's cat. We originally developed the game for a nine card design challenge. Having nine cards fostered the idea to create a cat based game as the parallels to the nine lives of cats became dominant. From there we went to Schrodinger's cat as you are looking into a box. Dead Cat is a bluffing game for 2 to 4 player that takes 10 minutes. You are playing one of Schrodinger's assistance who were task to watch a box with a cat in it. As this becomes boring you decide to wager on it with your fellow colleagues. But the sneaky person that you are, you already make plans to peek into the box. Schrodinger was a physicist researching quantum physics. To make his field more approachable he created a though experiment of a cat in a box as an explanatory help to non physicists. He basically said that if you put a cat in a box and do not look into it you can't say if the cat is still alive or already dead therefore it is both at the same time. That is a very quick overview. You can find more details on the background story, how it plays and even Erwin Schrodinger's thought experiment on our Kickstarter page.