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#3 Product of the DayOctober 04, 2018

A beautiful, resizable and affordable desk system. Re-arrange and move workspaces easily and quickly.

Super clean with integrated wiring, adjustable monitor stands, plug sockets, plant pots, pen & pencil pots and more.

We've sold to some home users, but we're primarily targeted towards offices - we work great for startups and co-working spaces.




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Nick Walter@nickchuckwalter · Teaching code the fun way.
Duuude the website really shows this off. You gotta make a video to show people what it does. The stand alone pictures here don't do it justice!
Federico Jorge@federicojorge · SaaS LeadGen Copywriter
@nickchuckwalter agreed! This launch needs a GIF or a video. The website could also have a section where you can play around and arrange your own desk for fun. The idea is great!
Jonathan FrenMaker@jfren · Founder, Keyboards & Dreams
@nickchuckwalter Thanks Nick! 😄Yeaaaa agree, video is on the todo list 😛
Nick Walter@nickchuckwalter · Teaching code the fun way.
@jfren I'm sure there's a ton to do. Best of luck! Awesome product
Sebastian Marshall@sebastmarsh · Cofounder at Ultraworking
@nickchuckwalter Seconded! It looks super cool when you dive in deeper.
Jonathan FrenMaker@jfren · Founder, Keyboards & Dreams
Hey, I'm Jonathan! I've been working on this product for the past few months and thrilled to share it here :) We now have a few startups and individuals using de-sks, but we're still very new and I'd love any feedback or questions! :)
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
Neat idea - I'm actually just looking at replacing the desk I've had for 20 years, which is a 3 part modular U-shape thing. It's big and cumbersome, and every time I move I have to find a place it fits in, or use half a desk, or something. That being said... my first thought when I look at your site is, "Those pieces do not look flush"
Jonathan FrenMaker@jfren · Founder, Keyboards & Dreams
@rossdcurrie Thanks 😄heheh, I know first-hand what that's like. Yeaaa - mentioned this in another comment below - but this has been & is a big feedback point. We've managed to massively reduce the issue of the gaps and levelling since our first versions [and the one that the site photography is based on] by tongue-and-grooving and improving our fixing system. But we're also looking at mitigating it by adding the option of wider slats of wood [ie 60cm+ wide] in the area[s] where one would mostly use paper/mice. We're also looking at potentially some form of blotter pad.
Francesco D'Alessio@francescod_ales · Productivity App Reviewer
Impressive, could be my next desk!
Jonathan FrenMaker@jfren · Founder, Keyboards & Dreams
@francescod_ales Awesome! 😄
Eric Gossart@egossart · VC @Serena, hunter in my spare time
Nice job guy, even though a short video would be even nicer ;)