A beautiful, resizable and affordable desk system. Re-arrange and move workspaces easily and quickly.

Super clean with integrated wiring, adjustable monitor stands, plug sockets, plant pots, pen & pencil pots and more.

We've sold to some home users, but we're primarily targeted towards offices - we work great for startups and co-working spaces.

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Duuude the website really shows this off. You gotta make a video to show people what it does. The stand alone pictures here don't do it justice!
@nickchuckwalter agreed! This launch needs a GIF or a video. The website could also have a section where you can play around and arrange your own desk for fun. The idea is great!
@nickchuckwalter Thanks Nick! 😄Yeaaaa agree, video is on the todo list 😛
@jfren I'm sure there's a ton to do. Best of luck! Awesome product
@nickchuckwalter Seconded! It looks super cool when you dive in deeper.
Hey, I'm Jonathan! I've been working on this product for the past few months and thrilled to share it here :) We now have a few startups and individuals using de-sks, but we're still very new and I'd love any feedback or questions! :)
Neat idea - I'm actually just looking at replacing the desk I've had for 20 years, which is a 3 part modular U-shape thing. It's big and cumbersome, and every time I move I have to find a place it fits in, or use half a desk, or something. That being said... my first thought when I look at your site is, "Those pieces do not look flush"
@rossdcurrie Thanks 😄heheh, I know first-hand what that's like. Yeaaa - mentioned this in another comment below - but this has been & is a big feedback point. We've managed to massively reduce the issue of the gaps and levelling since our first versions [and the one that the site photography is based on] by tongue-and-grooving and improving our fixing system. But we're also looking at mitigating it by adding the option of wider slats of wood [ie 60cm+ wide] in the area[s] where one would mostly use paper/mice. We're also looking at potentially some form of blotter pad.
Impressive, could be my next desk!
Nice job guy, even though a short video would be even nicer ;)