Secure encryption made easy

Learn how to communicate securely online with our hands-on tutorial in end-to-end encryption. Unlock your own public key and tools to encrypt and decrypt your content.
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Public-key cryptography is an essential technology to communicate secrets online, but can be confusing to understand and hard to use. I made dCrypt so more people can get practical experience with public-key cryptography and learn how to communicate securely with others using end-to-end encryption. After taking the tutorial, you will get your own public key and gain access to encryption tools. You'll also have a special link that you can share with others so they can communicate securely with you. The dCrypt app is free and open source. Initial development is funded by an award from Blockstack, a registered Public Benefit Corporation creating a decentralized computing network and app ecosystem designed to protect digital rights. AMA.
Love dCrypt! I'm already using it for secure online communication and for better privacy.