Free database diagrams designer for analysts & developers 🛠

Quick and simple free tool to help you draw your database relationship diagrams and flow quickly using simple DSL language.

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Input format is very close to a graphql format. Would suggest modifying it to using that instead of this custom type. I would love to drop in something I've written up for graphql and then edit it in this tool.


Slick and user-friendly


Doesn't import but uses its own proprietary format

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Thanks for your feedback, we are working on the import feature. The advantage of this approach is that it becomes a middle language, so import/export feature for any language could easily developed just by mapping this middle language
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Add private diagram and team working please :)
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@m_dilmac Thanks, we will be working on that feature soon! 😊
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Add Import Please ✌️
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@hiteshchavda Yeah, we are working on it!
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DONE !! Great, Awesome work guys !! 👏
Hey guys, dbdiagram.io is built by holistics.io, a Cloud Business Intelligence platform. 1 month ago, our interns were starting to build this little project, our goal is to integrate into the current product, so our users could easily understand their database structure to analyze them. Then we realized that it could potentially become a standalone application to help data analysts/developers design or share their own database diagrams, so we decided to bring it out as a free tool. We keep the tool as simple as we can, and focus on how fast it can bring value to our users. Here are couple nice things about it - Free - Cloud-based, no installation required - Easy to use, 1 second to get started - Don't need to leave your keyboard - Pretty diagram - Can export to PDF/SQL scripts We'd love to contribute more to the data community, looking forward to getting your feedback so we know how to make it better!
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@thongda Excellent product! Your interns did an amazing job. Please keep it free :)
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@samulevy Thank you, will do!
Looks nice. I had been wanting a cloud based database ERD tool
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@axelrod_eric Thank you, I'm glad that it meets your expectation 🎉