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A calendar UI is potentially a very easy & visual way to manage personal finances. Also encouraged by some of the testimonials they've featured!
@badboyboyce Completely agreed. Especially when you don't have a solid idea of what your income+spending month to month will be. This is great for people moving around often and freelancing.
Such a novel, logical way to manage finances. It just makes sense.
Been using this since it went live on iOS last year. Even paid for it back then. Had tried a bunch of apps with fail interfaces and even a spreadsheet to maintain my expenses. Only Dollarbird has been able to make it a habit for me. Cofounder switched to this the day the Android version came out.nnJust wish it included cloud sync in the now free version. Or that the premium subscription wasn't so expensive. Sigh.
This was featured 2 years ago but this is THE finance app I swear by. It is easy and low maintenance. Great for budgeting, managing multiple cashflows (if you have multiple jobs like me) and planning what you can spend and when and seeing if you'll survive til your next paycheck!!