landing pages with a focus on speed and high conversion rate

DazzlePages are developer friendly and high conversion free landing pages released under MIT license with a focus on:

- page load speed

- Standardized coding

- Mobile-first design and developing

- High conversion rate

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Hi Product Hunt! This is the first product that we launch in Product Hunt and we are very excited to receive the community's valuable feedback to go on our way more strongly. All of our landing page templates are MIT licensed and free; you can receive them in your email inbox. DazzlePages is the result of our own difficulties in finding simple, fast, and practical landing pages that can be customized and developed. We are making DazzlePages with a focus on: - Fast page load - Standardized coding - Mobile-first design and developing - High conversion rate I love the PH community and sincerely appreciate all the support and feedback.
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I downloaded a few of the templates and was very impressed with how clean and efficient the code was.


It's free, clean and the source code is well documented


I wish there was more templates

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The screenshots (and your website) look great. I’m going to check out the code once I get a chance. I’m curious though, how are you planning to scale this? Do you have any monetization plans?
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Incredible work, keep it going. Hope to see integration with Drupal soon! 😀
Awesome! I wish you could use Google AMP in your next releases. It would increase landing's load speed even more!