DayViewer 2.0

Organizer, planner & diary with team collaboration rooms

DayViewer 2.0 is a planner and organizer that helps you and your team to achieve more.

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1 Review5.0/5
I really like the look of this, but that logo could use a modern touch. @karsanator
@elizabethhunker Hi working hard on a few things but design changes are in the pipeline including logo update :)
Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to take a look at DayViewer. The idea behind DayViewer was to create a simple to use & flexible planning & productivity tool modelled on a traditional diary, for small/medium businesses, organizations & professionals. The current version of DayViewer comes with team collaboration features called Team Rooms, which essentially provide a collaborative version of DayViewer with task assignment & discussion sections. There are plans to improve some of the features, sync to a few other systems, and to build in a resource/service booking and appointment system (hopefully we will push this part out in the next few weeks). iOS & Android apps are also in the pipeline. So would love your feedback & thoughts.