Self-destructing tweets

I think it is a great idea. I can certainly see many uses for this such as special pricing so you don't upset those who missed it or other times when Twitter is for getting info out but doesn't need to stay forever.
@robertwilliger that's a really good idea! coupons! someone needs to get godaddy start using this ... I often spend hours on copy/pasting expired vouchers
Thanks for allowing this to have a moment of glitz on ProductHunt. You guys are the best. For those who are interested, I read an article about the phenomenon of 'tweet-deleters' yesterday: So it may very well be a need for some. I often delete tweets that only apply for a few hours a day, like asking to see who's up for drinks while I'm in town. And I always boasted that if I don't stand by my tweets, then who am I faking it for? If you don't mean it, don't say it! But over the years now, audiences have changed, for me personally at least, opinions change and now who's got time to go through 16,000 old tweets to reconsider? Would love to hear your thoughts on scenarios where 'tweet-deleting' may be helpful elsewhere. I particularly liked this quote: "Lazin-Ryder [...] says that having his tweets disappear automatically makes Twitter feel more conversational and casual, and less like a professional pressure-cooker."