Counting how many days left to the next important date

#4 Product of the DayJune 13, 2015
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Nice and simple. Would be good to be able to embed one of your counters into a website.
@craigjbarber Thanks Craig! We are actually working on that :)
Great job -- I love the simple animations and the "next" button to cycle through related countdowns.
@seanoliver thanks! :)
This is really cool and well designed!
@xzarexhc thanks Marko! :)
Glad you like it! DaysLeft is an internal project from Bons ( I hope you also find it useful and we are looking forward for feedback and recommendations. Also, if there is any other calendars/counters you would like to have just send them and we will add them (We are also working on a more "automatic" way to add calendars/counters but will take a little bit)
Neat! Simple and well designed. Good job!