A beautiful countdown app to the events that matter to you.

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Love the minimalist design. So clean and easy to use
Lovely work guys. Nice clean interface. The picture BG is a really nice touch.
Hey Product Hunt! I’m Matt, the co-creator of Days - a beautiful and simple way - we hope! - of counting down to the events that matter most to you. After unsuccessfully searching for an app to count down to moving into my first house, only coming across complex and buggy solutions, we attempted to create one that would stand out for not only the way it looked, but also its ease of use. One that we’d want to use. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about it and I'd love to hear about the features you think we’re missing. We’ve already got some big updates planned. You can follow me on Twitter @treeba for updates.
@treeba Really nice design. Just a quick heads up to let you know there's a tiny bug on the main logo on the site when watched on a smartphone. Looks like the container is a square with a second bg inside. No idea what's going on :)
@treeba Would use, but only iOS. I'm all Android. Kool design though
@manuelmoreale thanks for letting us know Manu, we'll take a look!
@treeba Really loving the app! To be perfect, I think you should have the option to show the events in a widget. That would be awesome :)
@philricelle thank you! Extensions are my focus with Days right now, working on both a today widget and an iOS10 keyboard extension! Watch extension will be soon after 😆 really glad you're enjoying it!
Love the clean design Matt. Would be cool to see, mockup of how the event is announced on the day of. Is it like a cal reminder like UI or a celebration? or some action oriented UI to send a message etc.
@designsingh thanks Preet! Currently the announcement on the day is via push notification, after the day it's moved into your previous events so you can also see how many days since all your previous events. We have plans to make a lot more of the day itself in a future release!
Would be nice if the system status bar showed. Also be cool if you could adjust the thumbnail in the list.