New employee swag packs - No minimum order

Make your new hot-shot feel part of the team from DayOne. New employee welcome packs filled with high quality custom swag. Beautifully packaged with no minimum orders - shipping across the US from today!!

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Related? Pretty similar visual Id.
@paulmayne would probably be able to tell you.
Hey @lyondhur - no, there is no connection :)
@lyondhur My first thought
Hey! We've just launched our US store 🇺🇸 - would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions!
@iamtherealcmk Heads up, you have a typo: "What to order more than 10 boxes? Contact us for a discount 🤑" Do you ship to Canada? Also the welcome box, is it branded or is there a welcome message? I'd potentially just want to use the service to send swag packs to our American customers. Startupthreads is a bit messy atm and print to order seems like what we really need for our customer packs!
@thatmattgardner Thanks Matt - Good spot ! Yeah definitely - the boxes have a welcome message on them however we can brand them if you’d prefer - if you can drop a message to with a general idea of what you’d want in your pack we can take it from there :) Thanks again!
What's the advantage of this as opposed to just getting shirts/stickers/mugs printed through something like Redbubble, Stickermule, CustomInk, etc.?
@ninjinka imo it's the print to order and the shipping being taken care of if you're distributed. Faster to order this than for me to keep size inventory and ordering large amounts of a single design which may change. For us it's interacting with a local printer for shirts, stickermule for stickers, and another vendor for custom swag, I've been looking for a one stop to do this stuff with American shipping for our customer swag packs and may use this service for that.
@thatmattgardner Couldn't have said it better 👌 - @ninjinka as @thatmattgardner said we offer a one-stop solution as well as packaging the swag up into slick presentation box
Is shipping to UK on your roadmap? Also do you know there is a very established company called “day one” that provide journaling software?
@mickc79 Hey - yeah we do it right now and it’s free ! Check out our UK service -
@iamtherealcmk great! And are you aware there is already s very established company called “day one”. I’m talking top of the App Store, Apple featured on the homepage level established?
@iamtherealcmk alas! Here I’m sat bank card in hand. You only do up to a size XL in that shirt and hoodie. I’m 6’5 and built like an ancient tree. I’ll check back from time to time. Love the idea.
Hey @mickc79 ! We can do bigger sizes and process your order manually - drop me an email with your order requirements and I'll get a custom page set up right now :)
Oooo! We'd love to connect with you over at Republic if you guys are looking to raise a round!
Happy to have a chat @calvinchu6 : ) -