Daytime & nighttime awareness for the blind 🌚 🌞

DayNight is designed to help the blind and visually impaired with day and night awareness by scheduling notifications at sunrise and sunset.

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Thanks @rrhoover for inviting me to share this on here. I build DayNight in about 2 hours late last week after a user of one of my other apps Alpenglow got in touch and said he was using it for daytime and nighttime awareness as he is blind. Alpenglow suddenly stopped sending him notifications so I decided to build out DayNight which uses local notifications to remove the reliance on a net connection to deliver them. Since building and releasing v1.0 I've added different notification sounds to help make the notifications easier to identify. Would love to hear any thoughts or feedback to improve it. Had some great responses about it so far. :)
@ay8s That's an incredible story! Props to you making it a reality and helping people through code! :)
Great to see apps that solve everyday challenges for those with disabilities. I know you're not blind, @ay8s, so where did the inspiration come from?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. The inspiration was the user of Alpenglow who wasn't getting the notifications for some reason. I felt like a simpler app could be build that didn't require a internet connection or have lots of UI and functionality that just isn't needed to provide awareness. It was definitely a quick one to build out which also helped. We also do quite a bit within our iOS app at Buffer for accessibility. Especially for VoiceOver users and are also spending more time on web accessibility too. :)
This is great! Not sure how important this feedback is given the audience but the on-boarding screenshots sequence in the App Store appears to be backwards.
@bleistern Good spot. Kind of flew through the process of submitting to get it out on the store quickly. Will get those adjusted. :)
This is very cool.