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Raymond Kennedy
Raymond KennedyMaker@rayfk · Jotdown
Hey Guys! The purpose of Daymix is to get you through your day at work. I've got a couple features I'm working on -- namely going through previous days and sourcing mixes from places besides Soundcloud. I'd love to hear any feedback you guys have!
Trevor Friedman
Trevor FriedmanHunter@trevormfriedman
Simple, yet beautiful way to enjoy the daily mix and find new music.
Kyler Blue
Kyler Blue@kylerblue · Lead Designer, Riffsy
This is awesome Raymond! Do you think the community will ever be able to submit mixes or favorite others?
Raymond Kennedy
Raymond KennedyMaker@rayfk · Jotdown
@kylerblue I do see the community submitting mixes. I'd also like to see them favorite mixes, although I by no means wish to require a login of any sort in the foreseeable future.
Tom Webb
Tom Webb@techtom10
any news on this being an app? It's great!