Dayli 2.0

Everyday photo journal and timelapse creator

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I really came here to ask why this was better than Picr. But I see they haven't updated in 2yrs! Plus I like that you have the vertical guides instead of the the horizontal. I guess it's Dayli 2.0 FTW!!
@d00zt1n Thanks for the kind words Dustin! Version 2.0 adds full iCloud sync as well so your photos are automatically backed up and synced between devices.
@adamswinden Thanks for your reply. iCloud sync is sweet!
nice work! been using this for several years and love it. update is huge: icloud sync, password protection, faster, improved home screen, assorted tweaks - my family really cracks up when i show them the clips, from short hair to crazy hair to shaved head, beard to no beard, always entertaining
@passingnotes Thanks David! Hearing comments like that make it all worth it. 😊
Well snap. I was willing to give it a try... but it's iOS only. Not a problem, i get it, but any plans for Android? Thanks.