The simplest way to lucid dream. Ever.

The average person sleeps for 8 hours a night, unlock these hours and experience infinite realms. With Daydream, you can achieve lucid dreams simply and quickly. Record your dreams with the built-in dream journal, and receive schedulable reality checks that will train your mind.

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Hi! I created Daydream out of a need for solid dream journal, with reality check capabilities, for lucid dreaming. I searched the perfect app that has these features, but I couldn't find anything with attractive UI, or reality checks! As apart of my 6 startup 12-month challenge, I decided to build Daydream. Please feel free to ask questions 😃
Everytime I tell people I document my dreams they give me this odd look. It’s a very niche product but really cool. However I don’t actually write them down, I record them. Does daydream have a recording/voice feature? I’m looking forward to one day going back and listening to them.
@braysonware Hi Brayson, currently the app doesn't have a voice recording feature. Sorry! Interesting idea however, I'll roadmap it under suggestions 😄