Daydip App

Keep a track of your life

Daydip is a app to keep a track of your life by selecting a mood that represents your whole day. You can even add hashtags to explain about your day in short. It is like short diary writing but it is more fun way of doing it. You can even share your day anonymously with people on daydip homepage or keep it private in your account.

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iOS version on your roadmap?
@bbregar Will see what kind of response this app gets. Then after that we will think about iOS
The site redirects to Pornhub shortly after opening. 😟
@aboundlessworld the issue is resolved check now
Interesting! Every month you are a different version of yourself. I just wonder what were my interests and mental reasoning 2 years ago? That would be fun to take a look back at!
Pretty sure this site's been hacked, so do not click if you're at work!
@seanwashington the issue is resolved check now
@ashish_chugh have nothing against Pornhub of course, but for those who are browsing PH at work it could cause some issues.
@aboundlessworld the issue is resolved check now