DayDay 1.0

Track your progress on a daily basis by taking photos.

We really appreciate the up votes. This is the first version of our app and we are looking to improve it every day! I am the designer of the DayDay app. I wanted to keep everything simple and minimize the action can be taken on the app. I am looking forward to make it even simpler so please provide some feedback about the app.
@saffetarslan Great to know the designer behind the app. Just tried it on iOS and you're right, it is super simple! :) Onboarding process is really fast and easy. I'm now ready to take photos of my belly. Trying it to track my pregnancy progress. I've worked with apps before (as a writer and helped with product development too) and I know how hard it is to make things so simple. :) Great job!
We built DayDay because of our own needs. Let's say you have a daughter and you want to take photos of her every day so when she grows up, she can look at the old photos and see how she looked like. Trust me this will be a great experience for her. When you create progress on DayDay, it will remind you to take a photo every day and it will present your photos on a beautifully designed timeline. Also, you can generate a video with one tap. It will gather all of your photos from your progress and create a video from those. It is really simple! This is not only if you have dog or daughter, you can use for yourself. Just take a photo or your self every day or the things you see. Every body will find something to capture every day and this will make your days unique! After a month or a year, you will create your video and the feeling you will have can be explained! It's is a difficult task to do it every day in our busy lives. However, if you try this app, you won't be disappointed. Thanks and have fun!
@yalcinozdemir it's pretty simple idea but I like it👍
@yalcinozdemir Wow. That's a great example that you provided! When I watched the video, I thought it was only for tracking your progress at the gym. I'm 4 months pregnant and just do prenatal Yoga at home. But with your explanation, I can also use it to track the progress of my baby bump. I take a photo once every month, but it's interesting to see how taking a photo that turns into a video! Will definitely try this out. :)
Hi everyone, I developed the Android version of the DayDay app and it's available on the Google Play store. This app is great for both iOS and Android users. We wanted to keep the experience same on both platforms. We are looking to add more features, so we are waiting your suggestions on how to improve DayDay.
Hey! The idea is amazing! I've tried to create my first goal :) I think it's really useful and interesting! Highly recommend!
@ilya_azovtsev Thank you Ilya! We are seeking ideas to make it even better.
Guys, idea is brilliant! Indeed, there are a lot of things that people would like to track in this way. Though, I have some feedback and suggestions: - Onboarding is quite annoying. I can't skip it. While I could set up reminder and password once I'm ready, don't need to push me. Especially when I'm not sure whether will I use this app or not. - Same about photo's comment. If I don't add a comment, app will delete the photo. Really? If I can edit comment later, why not allow to add it later. - Is there a reason to use custom password and not touchID? It'd be nice to have an option here. - It'd be nice to have a feature, when previous photo shows up as semi-transparent layer in camera, when you shoot the next photo. It would help to take shots in the same position/pose, so the eye could catch the smallest changes. - Also it'd be cool to share your's and checkout other's progress within the app. I guess this format might boost inspiration and creativity(maybe). I'd use this as a social app for sure. Goodluck!
@levchenkod Hi Dmitriy, Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. For the onboarding, you are right. We will make a better onboarding with the new version. As I understand, you are experiencing an issue when adding a photo. This is not a feature, so it should be a bug :) We'll fix that. TouchID is coming with the next version. We just wanted to have the core features for the first version. Semi-transparent layer idea would be nice as well. We will look into this. Yes! Making this app social is our big idea! We are heading to that place but it's is not coming that early. Thank you for taking your time to give suggestions to us. We really appreciate it.