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Productive superheroes, Day2Day is your new favorite tab screen! Whether you're looking for a spot to organize your day, save your notes, access your Pocket™ links, your Google Calendar, or if you are simply looking for some eye candy, it’s all just one CTRL+T away.

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Mathijs VogelzangCEO AppTornado / Appbrain
Two thing immediately stood out (negatively, unfortunately) to me: - The main app/site is an immediate signup page, with no information provided what I would sign up for. Fortunately, the producthunt page has the "Learn more" link, but why not provide that also on the signup screen? - to sign up is not secure, the same site for https gives an error. I think it's unacceptable to put in passwords in non-https pages.
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Adrien Dubois Ahlqvist
Web wizard and product owner
Hi @thijser , thanks a lot for your feedback. You are very right in the sense that a page should explain the goal of the application, thus, you can find one at this address: Regarding the https issue, it is something that I am aware of and have started working on. I'm sorry if you feel that this is unacceptable and will try and make sure to do good by your request. Best, Adrien
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Bruce Masonmedicine
just note.