Dawn of Crafting

Craft inventions & discover recipes #dawnofcrafting

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Hey guys, we've been working on Dawn of Crafting for 1.5 years with my brother. Check it out if you're looking for a unique mobile game with 20+ hours play time. If you like crafting and discovery, this is a must play game for you. Feel free to leave feedback on anything you don't like. Also check out our community for discussions: www.reddit.com/r/DawnOfCrafting/
That intro is the funniest thing I've seen in the last 30 mins :)) good job!
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@ilovecoffeebeans only last 30 mins? :(
@demirbyilmaz you know the internet moves fast :P
You are a lost young Homo Sapiens whose village was destroyed by the Homo Erectus. Master Crafter Alf, takes you as his apprentice and teaches you the fine art of crafting. You learn everything you can, increase your skills, discover new recipes and craft a lot of items. You build a village one stick at a time and further progress humankind. But some forces will stand in the way of your progress... Be sure to tell us what you think about it. We've done a total of 61 update in 2016 making it one of the most updated app on the appstore in 2016.🌟 With over 4.85/5 average user rating.🌟
Domesticating and training some dinos would be so lovely!! Keep up the great work!
@tarikozket Thanks for the suggestions! The timeline is right after dinosaurs died, but we do have Mammoth, Saber Tooth, Elephant Bird, Dire Wolf, Giant Sloth.
Amazing incremental game that keeps you glued to your phone. Just remember to put it down and take breaks!
@justrossthings Breaks are definitely needed, we have no level complete screen, no ads, nothing to stop your flow. Except for maybe running out of food or brain overheating.