Dawn Chorus

Wake up to nature’s chorus with a bird-inspired alarm clock

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Ohhhhh I'm so glad someone hunted this!
@nzieber no problem :)
@nzieber have you been using this? Is it a peaceful rise? 😂
Really nice ... I will try this - so zen! More pleasant sounds than we sometimes have with our raucous feathered friends here in Australia. That said a laughing kookaburra alarm would make my day.
I want to try this, but I'm scared it'll make me fall asleep again in the morning. 😸
@jevinsew have you heard them all? If the blue jay doesn't work nothing will!
Upvoted. I love birds. This app looks brilliant and exactly what fits my Zen approach. I upvoted today. Let's see if I need to correct this tomorrow morning.
@grobmeier What's the verdict?
@_sklahr_ Turned out its muted like all other apps when the phone is in "night modus". Still have to use the build in clock, unfortunately.