Engage, encourage, and grow your amazing team 🐬

Dawfin is an employee engagement system that is designed to engage employees, keep them engaged, and encourages an amazing culture for your company. Dawfin does this through informative team member profiles, kudos, aligning current priorities through effective 1-on-1s, and by aligning for the future through professional development growth plans.

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I am excited to products that invest in employees! Keep it up @armiedema !
Hey Hunters, We are excited to introduce Dawfin to you all! We are on a mission to create tools that engage employees and keep them engaged at their workplace. So many people in the US feel disengaged with their work and that disengagement can reach past just their work-life. We are not OK with that and want life to be awesome for everyone. 🐬
@armiedema Hello! Dawfin sounds interesting from a small company standpoint. One thing that is keeping me back is I don't know what the interface looks like from the landing page. I feel other potential customers have this same concern of knowing what they'll be getting. I have some insight because of the PH images however would definitely love to see some on your site. Cheers, Tyler
@vivalldi98 Hi Tyler, thanks for the great feedback! We are working on adding some screen shots to the website. If you would like to log in and play around - feel free to login with our demo account: Username: demo@dawfin.com Password: secret Let me know what you think! Thanks, Adam
@dawfin @vivalldi98 We iterated on our marketing site and added some feature pages - there is now more context of what Dawfin is and looks like prior to signing up. Iteration-good-times! 🐬