GitOps policy engine

Datree brings back control to Git-centric and autonomous DevOps organizations, enabling continuous delivery and reliable flow of changes.

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Hey @razkarmi thank you for hunting us!
So does this sit in between committing?
@aaronoleary The system hooks onto GitHub pull request checks

Full disclosure - this awesome company is a client. That said, these dedicated programmers are experienced and know every inch of their space. The product is disrupting how managers and developers interact, keep repositories efficient and bridge gaps between teams. I have recommended it to other dev clients bc I know the product intimately and it works.


Yes, and I have. It's a seamless way to get your repositories organized and secure.



@arthurschmunk, Are you doing corporate sales for Datree ?
@shreyaa_ratra Hey Shreyaa, As a founder I always do sales but I'm CEO and co-founder.
@arthurschmunk What kind of companies are you targeting ?
We're excited to share that datree, a Git level production gatekeeper have officially opened our Preview to everyone. Pre-launch, we interviewed tens of companies and met with numerous developers, system architects, DevOps engineers, CTOs as well as key people in the developer ecosystem. Agile and DevOps broke down software organizations into small autonomous teams that use diverse programming languages, multiple repositories, and numerous microservices. This change has facilitated a faster, more efficient and creative software development, but it brought new challenges. Git has become the single source of truth for applications and infrastructure code. With ‘infrastructure as code’, even servers are software and are defined in Git repositories. Every developer can make code commits or pull requests that affect both applications and infrastructure stability and quality in production. Companies can have numerous code components and Git repositories with continuous delivery pipelines and little control over the changes. A sneak peek into our Gitops goodie bag: Real-Time Git Catalog Connect your GitHub, and datree extracts the metadata to map all code components, repositories, and committers while also detecting their cross-connectivity to build a real-time catalog of your stack. Actionable Insights Absolute visibility and task automation allow for effortless management of numerous Git repositories, code components, and comitters. Smart Policy datree’s smart policy engine automatically checks every pull request to avoid production mishaps. We automatically enforce governance and ensure compliance with development practices, before a branch is merged into production. Try it and get a free, 60-day trial - available only to Product Hunt users! Let us know what you think on Datree , support@datree.com What can we say? It’s a devops world. We’re just living in it.