Better menu bar clock with calendar and time zones

Dato is a replacement for the system menu bar clock. By default, it looks exactly the same, but when you click it, you get a small calendar, calendar events, the current time in various time zones, and more.
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Hey PH. I launched the first version of Dato a year ago. It started as a weekend project I made so I could keep track of the local time of my wife, who was studying abroad for some months. Initially, it was just a list of clocks in different time zones, but over time, the app grew into a very comprehensive and customizable calendar/events/timezone app, thanks to a lot of awesome feedback from users. And I'm far from done. I have plans to support multiple time zones in the menu bar, time zone offset slider, showing the upcoming event in the menu bar, create events directly in Dato, macOS 11 widgets, and more. Dato is largely shaped by great feedback from users. I reply to all submissions (1200+ emails so far). If you have any suggestions, comment here, or use the “Send Feedback…” button in the app. Keep in mind that while Dato does run on macOS 10.14, the functionality is quite limited compared to what you'll get when running Dato on macOS 10.15 or later.
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@sindresorhus You're an absolute legend, mate. The number of your libraries I use is shameful. You're as prolific as @tjholowaychuk. Many thanks and keep it up! :)
I used Dato daily to track meetings, colleague timezones, and just generally use it as a much better timekeeping app. Cannot recommend enough.
I am using it for almost 6 months. Great app.
I have been using https://www.mowglii.com/itsycal/ for long time and its better
@thamaraiselvam7 Agreed. The ability to add a calender event makes me not want to switch. Although Dato looks better :)
@thamaraiselvam7 @jvdmeij The ability to add events directly in Dato is planned and will come in a couple of months. In the latest Dato version, if you press the `n` key while the menu is open, it will create a new empty event and present it in the Calendar app where you can fill it in, which is a good temporary workaround. Is there anything else holding you back from using Dato? I truly want Dato to be the best menu bar calendaring app for everyone.
Another great product Sindre! Love the simple and effective design.