Track your dating life and learn about your dating patterns

Datestory helps you organize your dating life and be efficient when it comes to dating — helping you remember date spots, fun facts/notes, and date ratings.

Datestory also empowers you to date smarter, generating insights and data visualizations for you based on your dating patterns and behaviors.

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Hi everyone, I created Datestory because I was hearing from a lot of friends that dating can be complicated and they felt there was no real way to organize it. In fact, many people have been forced to rely on making excel spreadsheets to keep track of it all. Making an app that solved this problem that was both useful and fun to use was really important to us. That’s why we aimed to create a UI that was user-friendly, playful, without compensating any of the app’s productivity features. Datestory features: - Track and reflect on your dates - Remember date spots - Integrate with your calendar to stay on top of plans - Rate and add notes to dates - Access slick data visualizations that reflect your dating patterns Happy to answer any questions, and I'd love to hear your feedback. Email me at or leave a comment here. Thanks!
@datestoryapp @jhbuchel Do you plan to make an Android app too?
@kate_howler Definitely in the works! Starting on iOS then will expand out to other platforms
Integrating with contacts would be great
@paarikan Thank you for this feedback!

great idea


A very necessary need in the e-dating market



You should target power daters i.e. people who go to speed dating events etc.


Great product! I chuckled so hard when I read the description


None so far

Looks great, I want to try. Now I use only dating websites. Meetville is my favorite, just check how many profiles of single white women here