Free online dating

No woman without ulterior motives will ever use this.
@likesoamazing what makes you say that? how can i make it more appealing to women?
@radiofrequency The imagery you use, only women, and particularly only young hot women. It's a false promise, and whole experience feels predatory. The ads are low rent, and treat women like objects. You're better off not having them if you want to attract single women. If you want escorts, prostitutes, and catfishers... Change nothing.
@likesoamazing really appreciate the feedback thank you!
@likesoamazing @radiofrequency I checked it out and all of the ads were for Asian Dating sites obviously geared towards men that use the copy, "Find Your Asian Beauty." Not ok.
@corinne_m @likesoamazing thanks for the feedback. I'm just using adsense so ads are based on what google thinks you would be interested in and available inventory. It seems it would be good for me to review which ads are displaying to get some more tasteful ads appearing.
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